When you first start selling items online, it can feel like an overwhelming task. But, once you get your first sale under your belt, you’ll realize that it really is much easier than it looks. Etsy is a free and easy way to sell items online. In this post, we’ll take a look at 10 best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, and has been growing at an impressive rate over the past few years. As of 2015, it was reported to have more than a million active sellers and more than $3 billion in annual revenues. With more than 600,000 unique products, it’s clear why Etsy has become so popular. And it’s easier than ever to start selling on Etsy.

The best things to sell on Etsy to make money (Beginners Guide). Read more about top selling items on etsy 2020 and let us know what you think.

So, you’re searching for the finest Etsy items to sell to earn money?

You’ve arrived to the correct location.

I just came across an inspirational tale of an Etsy seller who earns over $7000 per month and was compelled to create this article about the greatest items to sell on Etsy to generate money, as well as other essentials you should know.

… Because, let’s face it, we’re all lying to ourselves. We all want to open Etsy shops, but we’re stumped by one basic question: What should we sell on Etsy?

In addition, this article will discuss the simplest items to sell on Etsy.

We’ll talk about it in this post.

  • What are the best items to sell on Etsy to earn money?
  • For each of these great items to sell on Etsy, see the details and top sellers.
  • What is Etsy, how to set up an Etsy shop, how to bring consumers to your store, and more are all covered in this beginner’s tutorial.

So, let’s speak about how to profit from Etsy.

Please be aware that this article may contain affiliate links. Please read the following disclosure policy.


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What are the best items to sell on Etsy in order to earn money?

I’m going to put all of the products here to give you an idea of what sells the most on Etsy.

We’ll go through a couple of them later in the article.

Today’s top Etsy items to sale include:

  • Planners and Stickers are among the craft supplies available.
  • Jewelry
  • Jewelry and bead supplies
  • Decorations and Party
  • Products made of leather
  • Clothing
  • Toys and baby products
  • Fabric and sewing materials
  • Items created by hand, such as wooden boxes and invites
  • adornments (scarves, hats etc)
  • Things related to the wedding (corsages, invites, veils, hats etc)
  • Living at Home (decor, candles etc)
  • Cases and coverings for phones
  • Purses and bags

It’s noteworthy to note that during the 2020 and 2021 financial crisis, the most popular Etsy products were

  • Toys that will keep the youngsters occupied
  • cratfs and arts
  • Personal hygiene and beauty
  • Wear at home and at the gym. In a nutshell, comfort clothing
  • Barware and drinks
  • Hobby-related items
  • Gardening implements

Consider what individuals might purchase to keep themselves and their children busy during a lockdown.

If you look carefully at these items, you’ll see that they’re all activities you could do yourself, such as gardening, or with your children (like toys and crafts)

Pro tip: Take a look around and see what the rest of the world is looking for right now. Then begin your search for the greatest thing to sell on your Etsy shop.

The following are the top handcrafted products to sell on Etsy to earn money:

The following are some of the greatest and most popular handcrafted goods to sell on Etsy:

  • Candelabras (check out how to sell candles online and make money)
  • Using Bath Bombs
  • Soaps
  • Balms for the lips
  • Supplies for jewelry and crafts
  • Stickers
  • Personalized pillows, wood carved signs, and other home decor
  • Scrapbooks and diaries created by hand

Relevant: What are the best crafts to sell online and earn money with?

Read this before deciding on the best item to sell on Etsy.

On Etsy, you may only sell three types of goods.

  • Handmade
  • Vintage
  • Crafting Materials

Handmade goods for Etsy: If you want to sell handmade things on Etsy, you must make them yourself.

This implies you won’t be able to resell anything in this category. On Etsy, reselling an item as handmade implies that you, the seller, were not engaged in the design or creation of the item.

Vintage goods to sell on Etsy are those that have been around for at least 20 years. In this category, reselling is permitted.

Tools, kits, materials, and other items utilized in the production of anything are included in this category of craft supplies to sell on Etsy. Handmade, commercial, or antique craft materials are all options.

You can find out what kinds of craft supplies may be offered.

Etsy’s Top 10 Best-Selling Shops and What They Sell

While 62 percent of Etsy merchants are from the United States, the site has vendors from 234 other nations.

It’s fascinating to see that the best Etsy merchants earn $10,000 or more each year.

Details on the finest etsy items to sell

Crafts and Materials


Etsy’s Craft and Supplies category is by far the most popular.

If you’re a crafty person looking for the finest items to sell on Etsy, put your worries aside and put on your crafty hat.

You may begin selling now.

  • Crafting Materials
  • Stickers
  • Beads
  • Batik, dyeing, and a variety of other visual arts

In reality, Etsy has a dedicated category for crafts and tools, which includes


The following are some of the best-selling stickers in this category:

Beads, Jewelry, and Jewelry Supply


Jewelry, beads, and jewelry supplies are the second greatest items to sell on Etsy to earn money. In fact, they are the most popular handcrafted products on the market.

If you want to sell jewelry, the finest items to offer on Etsy are handcrafted and customized pieces. They’re personalized, and people like to possess them since they’re one-of-a-kind.

If you don’t want to make jewelry yourself, you can sell beads and jewelry materials to those who do. There is, in fact, a market for individuals who wish to purchase jewelry-making kits and equipment.

This is divided into two categories on Etsy.

  • Jewelry supplies, crafts, and materials



In this area, there are a few notable shops to visit.

Decorations and party


Etsy is renowned for its individualized handcrafted items. As a result, it should come as no surprise that party and décor goods are among the most popular commodities to offer on Etsy.

You may sell a variety of party and décor products for events such as birthday parties, wedding parties, and baby showers.

You should go ahead and do it if you have a knack for locating beautiful party decorations or can make customized ones for individuals.

Imagine being able to discover adorable and handcrafted decors; you’d definitely purchase them, right? That’s why décor and party supplies are among Etsy’s best-selling products.

Part decor is, in fact, an actual Etsy category that contains


In this category, the top Etsy sellers include


LittleMiaBella is a great illustration of how Etsy apparel sells.

Despite the fact that there are many other e-commerce sites that offer clothes, consumers go to Etsy to discover something unique and distinctive.

As a result, if you can put together a selection of appealing and bright clothes, your Etsy store will be successful.

You may want to check at infant clothes as well. One of the greatest things to sell on Etsy is that.

Clothing is an established category on Etsy, and it contains a variety of items.


The top Etsy clothes shops are:


Weddings are a multibillion-dollar business. Everyone wants their wedding to be flawless and have something special about it.

In fact, the Etsy shops that earn the most money offer wedding-related items.

This is where your shop can differentiate itself.

You may offer wedding invitations, gowns, corsages, and jewelry, among other things. You can only sell so much under the wedding canopy.

This category’s best-selling items on Etsy include



Accessories are by far the most popular items to sell on Etsy. They’re very popular!

Hairbands, cufflinks, anklets, pins, crowns, caps, hats, and other accessories may all be sold.

Your Etsy shop may also specialize on a certain kind of accessory, such as baby, men’s, or women’s accessories.

Accessories are among the most popular items on Etsy.

Home and Lifestyle

It’s no surprise that home and lifestyle products are popular on Etsy.

Everyone wants their house to be warm and inviting, and in order to do so, they must purchase items.

The most popular Home and Living items on Etsy include

In fact, Etsy has a dedicated category for home and lifestyle that includes


Selling handcrafted goods on Etsy is the simplest of all. That’s the whole point of Etsy!

Things you won’t be able to sell on Etsy

Etsy does not allow you to sell certain items. They are, to offer you some ideas:

  • Tobacco, alcohol, and other substances
  • Hazardous materials or dangerous objects
  • Items that you despise
  • Items that are illegal
  • Items that are subject to international regulation
  • Pornography
  • Items that are violent

What to Sell on Etsy – Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Etsy?

1629660028_3_10-best-things-to-sell-on-Etsy-to-make-moneyWikipedia has the right of reproduction.

Etsy is a worldwide online marketplace where individuals can create, sell, buy, and collect one-of-a-kind products.

The goal is to keep the personal touch alive while also encouraging individuals to be more creative.

Etsy has almost 2.5 million sellers at the end of 2019 and a total sales volume of $4.97 billion, which may surprise you.

But that’s just when it comes to selling on Etsy.

It’s worth mentioning that Etsy now has over 60.27 million customers, with more than 40% of Etsy shoppers purchasing several items in 2018.

Is it worthwhile to sell Etsy?

I believe the aforementioned data demonstrate that it is worthwhile to sell on Etsy.

However, I would suggest Etsy above mainstream goods for individuals who wish to offer handcrafted or personalized things.

Some of the motivations to start selling on Etsy include:

  • Setting up a store is simple.
  • You have a ready market to sell to.
  • The cost of listing the goods is low.
  • Allows you to try out items for free.

We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of selling on Etsy in more detail, so keep reading to find out why (or why not) it’s worthwhile to sell on Etsy.

How can you get started selling on Etsy and start making money?

Is selling on Etsy simple? Is it possible for me to just start selling on Etsy? – So many inquiries.

To begin with, selling on Etsy is a straightforward process. The following is a summary of the procedure.

Step 1: Sign up for an Etsy account or log in if you already have one.

Step 2: Go to Etsy and click Sell. 

Step 3 – Go to your Etsy store and click Open.

Step 4 – Choose your shop’s language, nation, and currency, then save and proceed.

Step 5 – Select a name for your store, then click Save and Continue.

Step 6: Decide on the language, country, currency, and time commitment for your shop:

Shop Language – This is going to be the shop’s default language. Once you’ve established a store on Etsy, you may enroll in additional languages if you wish to translate into another language.

Country – This is where your store will be situated.

Shop Currency — This is the shop’s default currency.

Time Commitment — You must decide if selling on Etsy is a part-time or full-time career for you. This is just informative and has no bearing on anything.

Step 7 – Begin listing items for sale on Etsy.

Step 8: Decide how you’d want to be compensated for sales. You may utilize Etsy payments if your country is on the list of approved nations.

Step 9: Create a charging system for your Etsy store. This may be done using a debit or credit card.

You may notice an authorization charge to validate the card you put on file, just as you would in any other instance, and after it is confirmed, the charge is removed from the statement.

Step 10 – Once you’ve clicked open store, you’re done.

Etsy offers some fantastic tutorials on how to get started selling on their site. They may be found here – The Seller Handbook and Beginner’s Guides 

What does selling on Etsy cost? : An overview of Etsy costs

Before you begin selling on Etsy or even look into the finest items to sell on Etsy, it’s critical that you understand the expenses of doing so.

The fees are taken automatically from any sales you make on Etsy.

Let’s talk about how much it costs to sell on Etsy and what fees you’ll have to pay.

Fee for listing:

You will be charged $0.20 per listing on Etsy for listing everything. So, if you list 100 items, the platform will cost you $200 simply to list them.

When an item is advertised, a fee is charged to your payment account.

You should be aware that this charge must be paid whether or not you make a sale and that it will expire in four months.

If your item does not sell within four months, you will be charged $0.20 each month to have it posted.

Renewal of Vehicles

If an item does not sell, it is renewed, as previously stated. That implies you’ll have to pay $0.20 each listing once again.

Fee for multiple quantities

You must pay a multi-quantity charge for each extra unit if you sell multiple quantities of a listing.

You’ve already paid $0.20 for your first listing, but you’ll have to pay $0.20 for each subsequent unit you sell for this product.

Fees for shipping labels

When buying Etsy Mailing Labels, the amount of the shipping label cost is determined by your choices.

Only merchants in specific countries may use Etsy Shipping Labels.

However, what exactly are shipping labels?

Basically, you can purchase postage on Etsy using mailing labels. All you have to do now is print the label and stick it on the boxed object. It will contain all of the essential information, such as the buyer’s address.

Not only will it save you a lot of time at the post office, but it will also save you money on postage.

Fees for transactions

The transaction charge is 5% of the total item cost (including shipping and gift wrap) in the currency you choose for your listing.

Aside from that, there are transaction costs for shipping.

This is distinct from shipping label fees, and it is computed at 5% of the item’s stated shipping cost.


The VAT costs may differ depending on where you stay. VAT is a tax that is levied on

  • Fee for processing
  • Services provided by the seller

Other costs associated with selling on Etsy

  • If you utilize pattern, you will be charged a fee.
  • Payment processing charge on Etsy (imposed on sellers that yse Etsy payment services)
  • Fees for advertising

What is the maximum amount of money you can earn on Etsy?

Many of you must be wondering whether you can earn a full-time career on Etsy. How much money can you make on Etsy?


My buddy, the sky is the limit. Top Etsy sellers earn $10,000 or more per year.

However, the amount of money you may earn on Etsy is highly dependent on your efforts and the performance of your Etsy store.

You may read about Handmade Adventure’s journey here. She tells about how her Etsy store earned over $50000 in its first year.

All of this is fantastic; we’ve all heard incredible tales of Etsy merchants earning much more than the typical family income.

However, according to this brutally honest assessment, up to 65 percent of those Etsy merchants make less than $100 each year.

Again, this is the apex of something that isn’t working out. So I went to my beloved Reddit (because, let’s face it, the men on Reddit are brutally honest, huh) and discovered some positive experiences:

Here are some screenshots to inspire you and serve as a reality check.


How can you earn money selling on Etsy?

We’ll speak about how to sell more on Etsy in this part.

On Etsy, there are over 233 million merchants, so if you’re just getting started, you’ll need to put in some time and work to get your shop seen.

That means, in addition to utilizing Etsy’s built-in audience (through SEO), you’ll need to utilize social media and paid advertising to drive visitors to your shop and generate purchases.

Let’s get started with some suggestions for attracting consumers to your new Etsy shop.

How can I get people to visit my Etsy shop?

Etsy SEO

You should concentrate on learning how to optimize your Etsy shop as a new Etsy store owner.

.. Essentially, master Etsy SEO so that your customers may discover you using keywords.

This is referred to as Query Matching. When a user types a word into Etsy’s search box, the algorithm attempts to match it to different elements of the shop, such as titles, tags, categories, store names, and attributes.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

  • Try to pick a name for your business that includes a keyword. You may use jewel if you’re selling jewels. If you’re selling party supplies, you may include words like decor, party, and so on.

    A clear store name offers your customer a sense of what they may expect to find in your business.

  • Determine and utilize keywords – It’s critical to use key phrases throughout the shop. You may use keywords in the shop name, tags, or product description, for example.

    While thinking like a consumer is the best method to identify keywords, you may also utilize programs like eRank, Marmalead, and others that specialize in helping Etsy store owners boost SEO.

  • Don’t overuse the same keywords – It’s important to remember that Etsy only displays two to three items from the same store. As a result, if you keep employing the same keywords, you’re competing with yourself to rank.

    Rather, come up with fresh keywords and utilize them.

  • For each listing, utilize all 13 tags and a variation of them. Instead of utilizing both baby headbands and infant headbands, use baby headbands and infant headpieces.


Pinterest is a fantastic tool for Etsy shop owners. So, if you want to get people to come to your shop for the first time, understand how to utilize Pinterest.

While you should concentrate on generating beautiful pins, keyword-rich pin descriptions, and boards, remember to claim your Etsy store from your business account settings.

You’ll be able to pin straight from your Etsy store. Here are some suggestions for directing traffic from Pinterest to your Etsy shop.

This course is a good place to start if you want to learn. It assisted me in driving over 25k sessions to a new website.


Because Instagram is a visual medium, it is ideal for Etsy shop owners.

Create an Etsy account and list your goods with comprehensive descriptions to encourage customers to look through the Etsy shops.

There are a few things you can do to maximize your visibility.

  • To get the most out of your account, use reels. Make an effort to utilize current music.
  • Use engagement stickers and showcase goods on stories.
  • Make a list of hashtags and divide them into 5-6 categories. For each of your posts, you may utilize a combination of these hashtags.
  • Invest in sponsored advertising to market your goods.
  • Sell a lifestyle rather than simply a commodity. After that, take photos of your goods in a pleasing environment.

Facebook advertisements

If you have the money, using Facebook advertising (particularly video ads) to bring visitors back to your Etsy shop is a fantastic option.

Collaborate with a few macro and micro influencers that have an audience that would be interested in your product.

These influencers may be active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or they may maintain a blog.

You’ll either have to pay them a fee or offer them free goods to evaluate and speak about on their site.

Tips for selling your Etsy goods more quickly

Images of the products

It’s all about how nice your goods appear on Etsy… The more appealing things seem, the more likely customers are to purchase from you.

So put money into it.

  • Photographic equipment of high quality
  • Lighting
  • Props and backgrounds

Pro tip: Display the item in a way that encourages people to purchase it.

Description of the product

You’re well aware of the importance of Etsy SEO in moving your shop from zero to regular monthly sales.

So spend some time creating long and attractive product descriptions. It should not just include keywords, but it should also make the customer desire the goods.

Pricing that is competitive

It is critical that your goods have competitive price.

To compete, you should not reduce product pricing (this will raise your cost of selling)

Concentrate on customer service after the transaction.

If you run an Etsy shop, you should concentrate on offering excellent customer service.

Be quick to respond to consumer questions and concerns.

If your consumers are satisfied, they will give you positive first reviews and comments, which can help you attract additional customers to your Etsy shop.

While Etsy is the greatest tool for finding the top-selling goods on Etsy, there are other options.



For dedicated merchants like you, it’s one of the most popular Etsy SEO and market research tools.

It is well-known for its capacity to assist you with keyword research, monitoring, and optimization of your listings in order to attract more visitors.

You may begin with the free trial that they provide.



eRank is another Etsy SEO tool that may assist you in your search.

  • Keywords with a long tail
  • Keeping track of your rivals and determining how your store compares
  • Keeping track of the terms you’re ranking for

You may begin with their no-cost plan.

Samurai of Sales


Sales Samurai, unlike the other two, is not free.

You may use keyword research to optimize your business and increase sales.

The benefits and drawbacks of selling on Etsy

Benefits of Selling on Etsy

Market to a pre-existing audience.

Etsy already has a loyal following of people who like handcrafted, personalized, and created goods.

All you have to do is locate the finest item to sell on Etsy, open your store, then use Etsy SEO and Keywords to bring traffic to an existing audience.

Data analytics built-in

The Etsy dashboard gives you comprehensive information about

  • the volume of visits that your business receives
  • the number of times a customer has favorited a product
  • Orders
  • Revenue for each item, and so forth.

These statistics may assist you in making educated choices about how to expand your Etsy shop, increase sales, and profit.

a proving ground

Starting your own ecommerce shop is costly, and Etsy provides you with a ready-made testing ground where you can try out your goods, sell it, and profit.

Aside from that, there are a number of advantages to selling on Etsy.

  • Setting up a store is simple.
  • Availability in the majority of nations
  • Payment processing is simple and connects with a variety of applications.
  • Users trust the platform because it is credible.

The disadvantages of selling items on Etsy

Only sell handcrafted goods.

Reselling commercial or even homemade goods that were not produced by you is against Etsy rules.

In a nutshell, if you’ve made anything, Etsy is a great way to sell it and earn money online.

The cost is too expensive.

While the list charge for each product is just $0.20, they have a slew of additional fees that we mentioned before.

Etsy becomes an expensive venue to sell on as a result of this.


While there are many success stories, a large number of Etsy businesses fail owing to market saturation.

Before jumping in, do some research on the finest items to sell on Etsy, analyze the competition, and make an educated choice.

Courses on how to sell on Etsy are available for free.

To learn how to sell on Etsy, there are a plethora of excellent courses available online. To begin, join up for Skillshare and browse through their library of video trainings.

If you’re willing to put in some effort, Udemy has a number of worthwhile courses.

There are also several excellent lessons on YouTube, such as this one —


Conclusion: The Best Things to Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a well-known marketplace for selling goods, particularly handmade, craft supplies, and antique items.

So, if you want to earn money selling goods in this area, you should certainly start selling on Etsy.

Begin by studying the competition and the viability of the goods you wish to offer before launching your store.

It doesn’t stop there, however. To generate a buzz and brand recognition, you’ll need to understand Etsy SEO and utilize other methods.

I hope this article was helpful in locating the finest and most straightforward items to sell on Etsy.

What to sell on Etsy + How to Make Money Selling on Etsy


Selling on Etsy is a great way to make money. I’m always being asked why I don’t sell my own stuff on Etsy. Why would I give it to someone else? Why shouldn’t I make my own money? I can’t argue with that logic. But there are a few reasons why I don’t sell my items on Etsy.. Read more about how to make money on etsy without making anything and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest thing to sell on Etsy?

The easiest thing to sell on Etsy is handmade items.

Can you get rich off Etsy?

Its possible to make a living off of Etsy, but it is not easy.

Is selling on Etsy worth it 2021?

Etsy is a website where people sell handmade items. Its not worth it to sell on Etsy if youre just starting out and dont have any experience with the craft youre selling.

This article broadly covered the following related topics:

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  • can you make money selling crafts on etsy
  • how to make money on etsy 2018
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