Bitcoin is an increasingly popular alternative form of currency. If you are new to Bitcoin, you may want to pay a Bitcoin survey site to earn valuable Bitcoin for free.

I have accumulated a fair amount of Bitcoin over the past few months and have done some Bitcoin trading, but I’m not a professional trader. I’ve wanted to do more with my Bitcoin, but the only Bitcoin sites I found that offered free Bitcoins were mostly scams. So, I decided to write this guide to help people get started with Bitcoin and earn some free Bitcoins themselves.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 by an anonymous developer. The aim of Bitcoin is to be a money that does not undergo any central control and is not controlled by any country. Bitcoin is an effective way of moving money without banks or any third party.. Read more about earn bitcoin survey and let us know what you think.

7-Best-Bitcoin-Survey-Sites-to-Earn-Free-BitcoinIs it feasible to get free bitcoins without having to purchase them?

Yes, you certainly can.


There’s no denying that purchasing bitcoin is a sound long-term investment.


However, if you want to invest in Bitcoin without taking any risks or grow your Bitcoin holdings, doing surveys is one of the simplest methods to earn free bitcoin online. Here’s how to locate paid surveys and earn bitcoins for free.


Don’t expect to make a livelihood performing part-time work like conducting surveys. However, it is still a viable option for accumulating bitcoins in your free time.


Have faith in me. It’ll all be worth it in the end. Nothing matches the thrill of seeing your Bitcoin balance grow without having to spend any money.


In the long term, your $30 worth of Bitcoin will double, treble, or even grow x1000 times if you hang on to it.


Bitcoin was the best-performing currency in the previous decade. Bitcoin is currently worth more than $90,000 if you put $1 in it in 2010.


The task is straightforward and appropriate for beginners. Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, in any nation, on your own time and schedule, and without the requirement for a bank account!


I’ll show you seven of the finest online survey sites where you can do free online surveys and start earning bitcoins right now as we continue our series on how to get free bitcoins.


To increase your earning potential, join up for as many online survey sites as possible. This will give you the greatest opportunity to earn and score more.


Everyone is welcome to participate for no cost.


Note: I’ll keep this page up to date when new survey websites become available. Don’t forget to save this page as a favorite so you don’t miss out on any of the fantastic earning possibilities. 


Welcome to Bitcoin, if you’re new to it. Take a look at a couple of our guides:


How Do I Make Money Doing Surveys?

One of the best things about earning bitcoins via paid internet surveys is that you don’t have to spend any money. Companies are ready to pay money for your views, it turns out. Companies can improve and create better goods and services with your important input. They will pay you directly for your time in exchange.


The following is how it works:

  1. Participate in as many surveys as you can.
  2. Companies that specialize in surveys will provide you with a selection of interesting surveys depending on your interests.
  3. You choose a survey to participate in.
  4. Share your thoughts with the company’s decision-makers.
  5. You’ll get an in-app prize as soon as you finish a survey.
  6. You may then withdraw your Bitcoin prize to your own wallet.


Tip: Owning the private keys to your estate is the greatest method to keep your Bitcoin secure. 

Do not keep your Bitcoin on survey sites. Always keep your bitcoins safe with one of these offline bitcoin wallets: Ledger | Trezor


That’s all there is to it. Let’s get started.


  Time for the Survey Timebucks Cointiply Reward in Bitcoin FreeCash Prizes for Points InstaGC
BTC is the minimum payment. There is no criterion. $10 Bitcoin costs $5, while Dogecoin costs $3. 25,000 satoshi satoshi satoshi sato $0.10 $20 $10
Methods of Payment Bitcoin, Gift Cards, and PayPal are all options. Bitcoin, AirTM, Payeer, Skrill, and Neteller are some of the most popular payment methods. Bitcoin and Dogecoin are two different types of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the sole currency accepted. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PayPal, and gift cards are all examples of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, PayPal, and gift cards are all options. Paypal and Bitcoin are two popular payment methods.
All nations are welcome to participate.
Advantages in the Market – Best paying surveys – no minimum payment – $1 per survey – A diverse set of activities to help you earn bitcoins – Provide the best sign-up incentive – Pays you interest if you maintain your coins in your account – Many ways to make money – Simple and quick registration procedure – Pay with Bitcoin directly There are many income possibilities. there is a mobile version There are many possibilities.
Major Con There is no welcome bonus.
  Time to Take the Survey Join TimeBucks now! Join Cointiply now! Join the Bitcoin Reward Program Join FreeCash now. Prizes for accumulating points Join InstaGC now!
Bonus for Signing Up Free $1 $0.01 for free $0.10 in free money $0.10 in free money

1. Duration of the survey

Earn free bitcoin by doing survey. Thinkmaverick

Survey Time is a very simple and basic tool to use! It’s one of my favorite paid survey sites for earning Bitcoin for free online.


Three amazing aspects about Survey Time:

  1. Survey Time pays in cash rather than points. Money is deposited directly into your account.
  2. Survey Time offers a flat fee of $1.00 for each completed survey, no matter how long it is. You’ll always get $1.00 worth of Bitcoin whether it’s a 1-minute or 10-minute survey.
  3. There is no minimum payment at Survey Time. You don’t have to wait long to withdraw your funds. Even after finishing your first job, you may immediately change your money to Bitcoin.


In comparison to other sites, Survey Time pays the most, as far as I’m aware.

It allows you to work from anywhere in the world on your phone or laptop, without the requirement for a bank account!


TimeBucks 2

I strongly suggest Timebucks, a free online survey business. You get compensated for each survey you complete.


It’s one of those websites where you don’t need any advanced knowledge to get started. Furthermore, if you delve a little further, you’ll discover additional ways to make money, such as being paid to…

  • On TikTok, Instagram, and other social media sites, you may post or follow individuals.
  • Play video games
  • Download and use free applications
  • Watch videos on the internet
  • Captchas must be completed.
  • Sign up for several websites.
  • Click on the tiny advertisements.
  • and much more!


As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get 100 entries (for each login) and 1 entry (for every $0.001 you earn) into the Weekly Sweepstakes, where you may win cash prizes worth up to $250.


All nations are able to use Timebucks. No matter where you are, you may start earning bitcoins by performing easy activities.


Simply use your Facebook account to log in. You may then choose which survey you’d want to do and what you’ll get as a prize.


You may withdraw bitcoins to your own wallet after you reach the minimum payment of $10.

how to earn free bitcoin by taking surveys. thinkmaverickHow will I be compensated?

Timebucks accepts a variety of payment options in addition to Bitcoin, including AirTM, Payeer, Skrill, and Neteller.


So, how much money can I make with TimeBucks?

You may earn a maximum of $50 worth of Bitcoin on your first day. After that, depending on the job and time spent on the site, you may expect to earn between $10 and $20 in Bitcoin each day.


The greatest thing is that when you join up here, you’ll receive a free $1.

You may invite your friends and get a portion of their earnings automatically if you want to earn more bitcoin passively.

However, you must first register a free account and remember to redeem your $1 here.

Click here to read my Timebucks review.


3. Coincidence

1629636439_180_7-Best-Bitcoin-Survey-Sites-to-Earn-Free-BitcoinCointiply is a cryptocurrency survey platform that exclusively rewards you in bitcoins for each job you complete.


Here are a some of the most common methods to make money on Cointiply:

  1. Simple activities such as taking short surveys, completing offers, installing applications, playing games, and watching movies can earn you coins.
  2. Get free coins hourly – All you need to is log in to Cointiply and click “Roll & Win” button to claim free coins every hour.
  3. Be a loyal user – Simply by being active on the site, you may earn extra. Every day you log in, you’ll receive a 1% loyalty bonus on your faucet rolls.
  4. Multiply your money and earn interest – You may multiply your coins up to 61 times by playing this game. You may also earn 5% yearly interest on your current coins by just leaving them in your account (minimum 35,000 coins).
  5. Earn a referral incentive by inviting your friends.


How will I be compensated?

One dollar is equal to 10,000 coins.


Every action you perform on Cointiply earns you coins. When you’re ready to pay out, you may change your coins to Bitcoin or Dogecoin.


To withdraw cash from your Bitcoin wallet, you’ll need at least 50,000 coins ($5), and a minimum of 30,000 coins ($3) from your DOGE wallet.

To learn more about Bitcoin income possibilities, see my Cointiply review. 


4. Bitcoin Bonus

1629636441_572_7-Best-Bitcoin-Survey-Sites-to-Earn-Free-BitcoinBitcoin Reward is one of the sites you won’t want to miss if you’re serious about earning Bitcoin.


For many reasons, Bitcoin Reward differs from the other websites on this list:


1. Satoshi incentives are earned.

Instead of trading points for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Reward allows you to earn Satoshi as a reward.


Which is fantastic since you earn actual Bitcoin rather than points!


Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, in case you didn’t know. Continue reading What exactly is Satoshi? Satoshi may be converted to BTC, USD, EUR, and other currencies.


0.00000001 bitcoin = 1 satoshi


100,000,000 Satoshi = 1 Bitcoin


2. To join, all you need is your Bitcoin address.

You can perform basic Bitcoin tasks by just entering your BTC address. It’s quick, easy, and confidential. You are not required to disclose personal information such as your age, gender, or date of birth.


3. You may get 500 satoshi just for signing up (insert your BTC address). You’ll receive additional 2,000 satoshi for free if you validate your email (optional).


What is the maximum amount I can earn with Bitcoin Reward?

They say that for each offer, you may earn up to 100,000 satoshis (about $9 at the current rate).


The fact that they offer a very substantial Referral Rewards Program intrigues me. Aside from doing surveys, you may invite as many friends as you like to join, and you’ll earn 50% on all of their completed offers!


You may withdraw your Satoshi to your Bitcoin wallet after you have earned a minimum of 25,000 Satoshi.


However, as a precaution against fraudulent profits, Bitcoin Reward will hold your money for three weeks before paying it out. You may be certain that you will be compensated as long as you earn your money honestly.


FreeCash (#5)

1629529836_161_10-Best-Online-Survey-Websites-to-Make-Money-From-HomeAnother simple, clever, and quick method for receiving a free direct payout to your Bitcoin wallet.


FreeCash, formerly known as FreeSkins, is a Bitcoin rewards website that pays you to do surveys and easy activities. 


It provides nearly everyone in the globe with simple Bitcoin earning possibilities.


Unlike Timebucks, FreeCash operates on a point system, and you may gain Coins by completing one of the following offers:

  • completing a survey
  • Playing video games
  • viewing enjoyable vids
  • using your email address to subscribe to a company’s newsletter
  • Alternatively, you may just log into FreeCash to get a daily Bitcoin payout.


How will I be compensated?

You may use your Coins to trade for rewards, such as direct payouts to your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Paypal wallet.

You may get CS:GO skins, Fortnite V-Bucks, Amazon Giftcards, and more as a prize!


FreeCash offers the lowest Bitcoin payment, and you may be paid as soon as you make $0.10!


How much money can I make with FreeCash?

$1 Equals 1,000 coins


Simply create a free account using this link or use the code ThinkMaverick to get 100 Coins (worth $0.10) right now.


In average, each survey completed via FreeCash, you may expect to earn anything from $0.50 to $5. The amount of surveys and offers offered will vary based on your region, gender, age, and other factors.


6. Prizes based on points

1629529839_985_10-Best-Online-Survey-Websites-to-Make-Money-From-HomePoints Prizes is another reputable paid online survey business that pays out in cash, Bitcoin, PayPal, or Amazon gift cards.


It provides a variety of options for earning free Bitcoins, including:

  • Participating in paid surveys
  • Video viewing
  • Playing video games
  • Apps that are free to download
  • Participating in competitions
  • obtaining free product/service trials


It is free to enter and accessible to all users worldwide. You can simply and rapidly make money on the move using its mobile app.


How will I be compensated?

For each job you accomplish, you will be rewarded in points. You’ll be able to claim a free Bitcoin payout after you’ve earned enough points. You may also trade your points for a variety of rewards, including Paypal, Google Play, Amazon, and more.


What is the maximum amount of money I can earn using Points Prizes?

On Points Prizes, the point system is extremely simple. One thousand points equals ten dollars.

You may exchange your reward points for Bitcoin, Paypal, Payoneer, Amazon gift cards, and more after you’ve earned 2000 points ($20).

Depending on your country and effort, you may earn anywhere from $ 0.06 to $5 for doing a survey.


InstaGC is number seven.

Another paid survey site worth joining is InstaGC.


Everyone is welcome to participate, although the amount of survey chances varies by nation.


InstaGC, like other get-paid-to services, allows you to earn money fast by completing surveys, viewing movies, surfing websites, betting on sports, and more.


Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for a variety of currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Paypal, and, of course, Amazon gift cards.


One dollar is equal to 100 points.


The caveat is that before you can be paid in Bitcoin, you must first earn and pay out a minimum of $50 in other incentives. After that, after you’ve earned $10, you may start withdrawing in bitcoins.


How to Safeguard Your Bitcoin

This is a critical point. It’s something I’ve said before, and it’s something I’ll say again. That’s OK. The mother of mastery is repetition.

Move your Bitcoin (BTC) to your own wallet after you’ve earned any through surveys.

Make sure you have a Bitcoin hardware wallet, such as the Ledger or Trezor, to safely store your bitcoins.

Don’t keep your Bitcoin on any cryptocurrency exchange or platform for longer than necessary.



3 top ways to grow your crypto assets as a beginner. thinkmaverick

Conclusion – Surveys are a great way to get money using Bitcoin.

Even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to the internet.

Even if you’re accustomed to attempting to earn money for days or weeks at a time.

Even if you’ve never heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency,

Simply simply completing surveys, downloading applications, or playing games, you may begin earning bitcoins.


This is evidence that you don’t need any internet magic to start making a few extra hundred dollars each month.

It will take some time and patience to get the hang of it, but once you do, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars in bitcoins each month with minimal effort.


Here’s the deal: there are a lot of websites out there that promise to allow you to earn free bitcoin or cash. However, not every website is created equal. I’d stay away from applications that haven’t been updated in a long time. For example, it’s been almost four years since Coinbucks was last updated! 


I don’t want to spend time on a platform that is out of date in terms of features and security measures. Worse still, some websites just do not pay out or alter their point system as they want, causing you to waste precious time.


As a result, in this article, I’ve only included the top 7 survey websites worth checking out.


Given Bitcoin’s enormous potential and revolutionary nature, it’s well worth exchanging some of your spare time for bitcoins. There is no danger.


Now is the time to act! If you have the time, sign up for all of the sites listed above and start earning bitcoins in your free time.


Your Turn

Which method do you like to use to get additional bitcoins?


Do you know of any additional websites that I haven’t included in this article? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Are you looking for new methods to earn free bitcoins?

Take a look at these helpful tips and resources:


Read the following articles to understand more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency:


Finally, if you like this article, please share it on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


I’m obsessed with earning money online. 

Soon, I’ll be providing additional tips and recommendations. Keep an eye out for updates.

Sign up for my emails here if you haven’t already.


P.S. This Bitcoin site is one of the most – if not the most – comprehensive resources for learning about Bitcoin, with over 20 sections covering everything from history to purchasing BTC, setting up a wallet, technical knowledge, mining, security, and trading. Enjoy!

If you are looking to earn a few extra bitcoins, then you should try one of the best bitcoin survey sites to earn bitcoins. This site is one of the best sites for people who want to earn bitcoins.. Read more about survey sites bitcoin and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What surveys can I take to earn bitcoin?

You can take surveys on websites such as Swagbucks and earn bitcoin.

How can I get free bitcoins instantly?

There are many ways to get free bitcoins. You can earn them by playing games, watching videos, or even just surfing the internet.

How can I get 1 Bitcoin easily?

You can buy Bitcoins on a number of different exchanges. The most popular one is Coinbase, which you can use to buy and sell Bitcoin.

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