There is a huge cost to your grocery bill and your pocketbook every month, and it’s not just the money you spend at the store. In the past year, the cost of food has gone up by 10% in the US. If you add in the money you spend on eating out, it’s a much higher percentage. Most of us have been hit by this, and have been seeing our expenses continue to rise. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to help you save a bit of money when it comes to food, and that will help you in the long run.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “eating clean”, but what exactly does it mean? Is it just healthy eating? Or does it also mean eating foods that are more expensive than your daily grocery budget?

There are several, life changing hacks that I’ve found to make my grocery shopping more efficient. I like to tell myself that if I can save even just a few dollars that can be put to better use elsewhere in my budget. For example, I have found that when I buy in bulk for just a few dollars more, I always have leftovers to eat for lunch the next day. Another trick I learned is to look up coupons before I go to the store. You can usually find several coupons for bulk items, so you can get your items for a lot less. Of course, there are other ways to save money when shopping, but these are just a few I’ve discovered.

whole foods hacks to save money

Whole Foods Market was formerly known as “Whole Paycheck” because it was so simple to spend your whole food budget in one visit. Whole Foods acquired its moniker for a reason: they prioritize organic and natural foods, which are more costly.

The unfortunate truth is that eating healthy is more expensive [source]. However, if you buy wisely, you can eat healthily without breaking the budget! Use the 7 Whole Foods tips below to help you leave the shop with nutritious food and money in your pocket.

1. Make a list and follow it. 

Whole Foods Market is a foodie’s dream, with everything looking and smelling so good that you want to put it everything in your basket. However, if you do, you may pass out when the cashier ring up a large bill. Fortunately, this is a simple issue to solve. 

You will spend less money if you use a shopping list. Take what you need and go. Yes, you’ll be tempted to buy some artisanal cheese, but if it’s not on the menu for this week, just decline.

Allow Ibotta to assist you in creating the ideal shopping list.

Ibotta is a grocery and daily goods cashback app. With the Ibotta app, you can earn free money just by taking a photo of your supermarket receipt. It may also be used for grocery delivery and pickup. 

When shopping at Whole Foods, Ibotta is a must-have app. The app enables you to manage your rebates and coupons so you can make a shopping list based on what’s on sale that week.

Get a $20 welcome bonus when you download the free Ibotta app.

2. Make the Most of Weekly Deals 

With the purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon in 2017, Whole Foods lost its moniker of “Whole Paycheck.” They now provide a lot more discounts to customers, and they make it very simple for them to discover these offers. 

They have a number of weekly offers that may be found on the Whole Foods Market app. Every discount is accessible in the app, and it is simple to apply! Simply have the cashier scan the app’s generated barcode to get credit for all of the current coupons and offers. No more clipping coupons for you! 

With the $5 Meal Plan, you can stretch your grocery budget even farther.

Meal planning is another money-saving technique that works well with Weekly Deals.

The $5 Dinner Plan makes grocery shopping and meal preparation simple and inexpensive. For $5 a month, you’ll get five meal plans sent to your inbox every Friday: a lunch, a breakfast, and a treat (like a snack or beverage). The cost of your meals will be about $2 per serving.

Not to mention that it will aid in the preparation of your shopping lists.

Sign up for a $5 Meal Plan Trial for free.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) is a phrase that means “Bring Your Own Bag.” 

Unlike cheap grocery shops (like Aldi), Whole Foods does not force you to purchase or carry your own bags. Whole Foods, on the other hand, will deduct 10 cents from your purchase for each bag you bring in an attempt to encourage customers to “go green.” 

Bringing your own containers for weighing vegetable products is another method to save money when shopping at Whole Foods. Just be careful to weigh your containers before you go shopping so you don’t end up paying for both the fruit and the container’s weight.

A penny invested in acorns is a penny saved.

You got a $0.40 discount! What are your plans for the future? Acorns is a straightforward investing software that allows you to invest your extra cash. Acorns rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar when you check out and then invests the difference. Take the money you save on bags and containers and put it into the stock market.

Start collecting spare change with the Acorns app now.

“Assist me in getting out of poverty!”

Spending less than you earn is the *only* method to save money. That implies you’ll either need to cut costs or raise your revenue.

We aim to assist you in achieving both goals.

Learn the basics of building wealth at our FREE Simplify Money Workshop. Because your money has no option but to increase if you can spend less than you make. You will increase your savings and reduce your debt. 

Plus, there’s more. We’ve compiled a list of free money-saving tips for you:

  • How to Cut Your Monthly Bills in Half
  • Debt-reduction strategies
  • How to Get Started Investing
  • How to make an additional $20 each month with a few simple hacks (with no extra effort)

This session will provide you with everything you need to follow the cardinal rule of personal finance: maintain your income higher than your expenditures.

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4. Benefits of Being an Amazon Prime Member 

Prices fell shortly when Amazon bought Whole Foods. You must, however, be an Amazon Prime member to get the most bang for your money. You don’t want to be walking around Whole Foods and seeing those special blue Amazon Prime Member discounts but not being able to take advantage of them. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why shopping at Whole Foods as an Amazon Prime Member is a win-win situation.

  • Prime members may save an additional 10% on goods marked with a yellow discount symbol.
  • Members of Amazon Prime get extra savings on products marked with the blue Amazon Prime Member symbol.
  • The Whole Foods Amazon app offers extra savings to Prime members.
  • Prime members get free delivery in certain ZIP codes as well as free order pickup.
  • Prime members who pay with their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card receive 5% back on their purchases.
  • It’s simple! Download the Whole Foods app, login in with your Amazon account, then scan the Prime code in your app at checkout to save money if you have a Prime membership.

Benefit from ‘Prime’ Time Savings

As you can see, having an Amazon Prime membership gives you access to a plethora of Whole Foods discounts. The advantages of a Prime membership, however, extend beyond significant grocery savings: On Amazon Prime items, you receive 2-day (or faster) shipping, as well as access to Amazon’s movie and music streaming services.

With Prime, you may save money in a variety of ways. If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime membership, you can join up for a free 30-day Prime Trial here. Sign up for a Prime Family account (free trial) if you’re a new mom and receive 20% off diapers and other baby goods (plus all the other Prime benefits)!

5. Invest in the 365 Brand 

It’s simple to purchase the names we’re familiar with, but shopping for generic goods may save you a lot of money. Many consumers mistakenly think that generic products are of lower quality and would taste inferior. With its Shop 365 brand, Whole Foods has addressed this issue. It adheres to the same stringent quality requirements as the larger brands since it is a Whole Foods brand.

“We prohibit 100+ substances from every food that we sell, including hydrogenated fats, high-fructose corn syrup, and sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin,” Whole Foods says in a statement on food quality [source]. You can relax knowing that the meal will taste just as delicious at a fraction of the price.

No matter whatever brand you choose, you’ll be able to keep more of your money.

Want to get even more bang for your buck with generic brands? When you use a rewards credit card to make a purchase, you may earn cashback. You are paid a percentage of what you spend with these credit cards. As a result, you may get 1 to 2% cash back on groceries (and other items) when you buy.

Credit card offers may be challenging to comprehend. Don’t worry, Credit Land can assist you in finding a rewards card that meets your specific requirements. If you’re ready to start earning free cash back (and potentially saving hundreds of dollars each year), go to Credit Land and learn about your reward card choices in simple English.

Please keep in mind that if you want to earn money with your credit card, you must pay off the whole amount each month. Don’t go overboard with your spending. You lose money if you are in debt.

6. Before you buy, give it a go. 

Whole Foods’ environment tempts you to purchase more than you need or even desire (which is why you want a list). Their eye-catching displays appear to be beckoning consumers to “try it.” What’s more, guess what? It’s possible to test it out before you purchase it! 

“There is a company-wide Try Before You Buy policy,” according to Pop Sugar. This includes, but is not limited to, fresh fruit from the produce area and packaged goods from the store’s central aisles” [source]. This allows you to test items before spending money on stuff you won’t eat. 

As an additional benefit, it prevents you from overpaying just because you went shopping hungry.

7. Shop During Off-Peak Hours 

Grocery cart traffic bottlenecks are the last thing anybody wants to deal with. Stay away during peak hours, such as 5-6 p.m. after work or Sundays, to avoid this scenario. Whenever feasible, shop early thing in the morning to avoid crowds and to obtain the day’s first fresh selections. Even better, go shopping on Wednesday mornings when the store’s deals are updated.


I’m sure you’ve heard about the “whole foods” movement. It’s a philosophy that claims to be the answer to the credit cards, grocery store and stomach filled with whole foods filled to the brim with junk food. The question is: why would anyone want to eat the same foods and increase their grocery bill?. Read more about whole foods bulk discount and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get 10% off at Whole Foods?

You cant, but you can get 10% off at

Does Amazon Prime save you money at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods does not accept Amazon Prime as a payment method.

What is the best day to shop at Whole Foods?

I am not able to answer this question.

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