Choose a few products or services you can use to find out whether they are good or not. Once you have found the right ones, it is time to take a closer look at the way you are going to be paid for your opinion.

The small business world is full of online survey companies, some of whom claim to be the best. But have you ever asked yourself, “Is this survey a scam?” If you answer “yes” to that question, then this blog is for you. After reviewing nearly every survey company in the market, I have concluded that no survey company is a scam. However, it’s important to note that not all of them are legitimate.

Surveys are an easy way to make extra money. They’re free, require very little effort, and are generally a great way to supplement your income. But, are branded surveys really worth it? We compare some of the biggest brands out there so that you can make an informed decision.

Branded Surveys is a user-friendly online survey platform that pays consumers for expressing their thoughts. They do it because market research companies and large corporations need assistance in locating individuals for marketing research. The business gathers answers for various resolutions once members agree to take a poll.


This Branded Surveys review will look at this popular site that pays consumers for doing online surveys and giving product feedback.

What Are Branded Surveys and How Do They Work?

For completing surveys, you may earn rewards.

Branded Surveys has a lot of features that make it attractive to those who want to get compensated for their opinions. 

How to Begin Using Branded Surveys

  1. Create a user account. You must first register on their website, where your identification will be verified.
  2. Respond to the practice questions. Then, using a sample question section, they’ll figure out whether you’re eligible for the survey.
  3. Begin by completing questionnaires. You’ll be sent to the survey page after completing the sample question area, where you may express your thoughts on a few companies or items. 
  4. Points may be redeemed for cash. The branded community earns points for each survey completed once they have completed all of the instructions and questionnaires. Gift cards, cash, and BrandedPay are all options for redeeming points. 

Signing up is completely free.

Signing up for Branded Surveys is completely free, and you will never be asked to pay anything. It’s nothing more than a hassle-free method to make additional money online without putting in a lot of effort. Branded Surveys then matches the member’s choices with its survey eligibility engine and sends surveys to its members.


Provides a Wide Range of Benefits

The platform’s availability of a range of incentives is another attractive aspect. They may do it in their free time, and by doing so, they can easily make money. In fact, a recent business study found that 44 percent of the branded community joined for the benefits. More than 26% of new users took part in Branded Surveys to express their thoughts. 

Obtaining Payment

Branded One penny is roughly equivalent to 100 survey points, thus 100 points equals $1. Some polls pay out 50 points, while others may pay out hundreds of points. To achieve the payment level of $10, you must earn 1,000 points. 

Elite Branded

It is divided into various categories; for example, if you provide reviews on a daily basis, you may be promoted to the Branded Elite class. It usually takes 1-2 business days for the money or amount to be authorized for redemption. 

Is it true that Branded Surveys are legitimate?

The issue of whether Branded Surveys are legitimate may arise. Yes, it is correct. Branded Surveys is an excellent and reliable platform for earning money online. It won’t be able to replace your full-time work, but it may be a dependable method to make some additional money without having to perform any hard labor.


You may wonder why a business would pay you to answer a few questions while doing the survey. People need to gel up when a business is releasing and about to reconsider a product. Whether they like it or not, where should it be changed, and was the old one better than the new one? Etc.  

Businesses value your opinion as a customer more than their own. Brands need to know what consumers think about their products and services right now, so they use businesses like Branded Surveys to help them reach out to individuals like you. 

Genuine and honest survey sites, such as Branded Survey, give new customers sign-up incentives of a few bucks to entice them to stay longer. 

Some deceptive websites may entice you with claims of being able to leave your work and earn a full-time income. In a sense, this does not occur.

Genuine survey sites give you the opportunity to earn money online for free, with no strings attached.

User Feedback

When requested to write a Branded Surveys review, the majority of consumers have nothing but positive things to say about the platform. They all agreed that the platform is simple to use and provides an effective survey method. The ability to get real-time consumer input on their website has aided them tremendously in making improvements.  

Furthermore, companies seem to have benefited from the presence of professional researchers. Furthermore, the individuals chosen for the examination are capable of providing real constructive criticism or praise. All that counts is your honest view.  

A 4.5-star rating is averaged by users.

Branded Surveys has received positive feedback from customers. It has received an average of 4.5, which is very good. 

This website is popular because of its simple and user-friendly queries. They are able to supplement their income without engaging in any physical exercise.

Another source of client pleasure is time flexibility. You may do it anytime you have spare time or are bored with your current activity. It is the final answer to the problem.

It is not untrue that legitimate sites pay for reviews. Users play a critical part in the creation of goods that are tailored to their interests. What’s more, they pay for the input.

The majority of the complaints come from participants who claim that they get much less payouts than on other sites. Payment is one item that may irritate the client or the surveyor. Branded Surveys pay in US dollars, which may make it difficult for Indian consumers to complete the survey. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Branded Surveys


  • You may earn money simply by participating in internet surveys.
  • It just takes a few minutes to finish. 
  • Payment takes two to three days.
  • A daily poll draws a larger number of individuals at a given moment.
  • You may get extra points by qualifying for the Branded Elite category.


  • They must satisfy certain fictions in terms of the quantity of members for a paid survey.
  • Only a certain number of surveyors are required for paid survey possibilities.
  • If you don’t act quickly, these chances will pass you by. 

Bringing Our Branded Surveys Review to a Close

Branded Surveys is a market research community that allows you to make money online by doing surveys. It is necessary to evaluate the goods and provide useful comments. For anybody who is doing that, it is a win-win scenario. 

It is divided into two categories: new users and Branded Elite members who pay for their comments. Paid feedback is valued more highly and has a set number of points. We’d all want to earn money online without falling victim to a con. 

Payment links, credit or debit card information are not required on legitimate and famous websites. Everything is handled through an internet payment channel.

However, although earning additional income is not something we live for, it is a positive indication that may assist you in purchasing presents or other items. Civilians in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom may take advantage of the monetary incentives and join.

Is Taking Branded Surveys a Good Use of Your Time? Teach Me! (2021) Finances for Individuals


This Branded Surveys review will look at this popular site that pays consumers for doing online surveys and giving product feedback.

Free of charge

All Operating Systems

Survey Platform is a kind of application.

Surveys for money are a tried and true fundraising method that most organizations have implemented at some point in their history. Whether it’s a donation drive, a fundraising event, or a survey for money, surveys for money are a proven way to raise money. That said, there are a lot of ways a survey for money can go wrong, and many organizations have spent a lot of time and money trying to create a survey for money that is both profitable and effective.. Read more about what is branded pay and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is branded surveys worth the time?

Surveys are a great way to get free stuff.

Is branded surveys trusted?

Branded surveys are not always trusted. It is best to avoid them if possible, but they can be a good way to make some quick money.

Is Survey time legit and safe?

Yes, it is a legitimate survey site.

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