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If you want to register your sole proprietorship or business in Canada, Ownr makes the process easy for you. Ownr helps you register your business from the comfort of your home and automates the legal processes required for existing businesses. The price is already low, but with our exclusive Ownr promo code and referral link, you can save even more. Find out how to take advantage of promotions from Ownr, get up to $300 back from RBC, and more below.

Coupon CodeProprietary

Whether you are starting a sole proprietorship or registering, you can get 15% off by registering using the link in this article. No promotional code or coupon is needed, as the discount is applied automatically. For example, if the total cost is $89 for a sole proprietorship in Ontario or $499 for a full incorporation, a 15% discount is applied to the fund and you pay much less than the standard cost.

Refund of owner fees (up to $300 cash back)

After you register your business on Ownr, you can get up to 100% off fees when you open an eligible RBC Business Bank account. This is how it works:

  • Individual entrepreneurship: Open an RBC business bank account within 60 days and receive $89 off membership fees.
  • Inc.: Get $300 back when you open an RBC business account within 60 days.

Simply log in to your account and click Refund after you’ve met the requirements.

What is an owner?

Founded in 2017, Ownr is an RBC Ventures company. It has helped more than 35 000 entrepreneurs start their businesses and is the best source for company formation and legal formalities. In 2020, Ownr acquired Founded Technologies, an automation platform for legal services for businesses and lawyers. Ownr’s business registration services are currently available in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. For a more in-depth look at Ownr’s offerings, read my review of.

Business Registration Packages

Ownr can help you register or set up your business if you are starting a new business. The whole process takes about 15 minutes and is handled online. The one-time fee for individual businesses is $89 and includes a company name search, registration numbers and documents, chat support and Ownr privileges. Registration fees range from $499 to $699 depending on the county and whether you are registering federally or provincially. The package includes filing of all documents with the government authorities, registration of the company’s name, incorporation documents and issuance of shares.

Self-directed Business Plan

You can use Ownr to manage your company’s public records, compliance documents, and legal agreements on an annual basis. This managed business plan costs $599 per year and includes an online log and unlimited support. Depending on your needs, you can add other services related to shareholder and employee management.

Own performance

Ownr offers its clients a number of advantages.  At the time of writing, the value of the ads available on the platform can be as high as $5,000. Here are some examples of the benefits Ownr offers:

  • Telus Business : Save 10% every month
  • Xero : 50% discount for the first 3 months
  • eBay: Free eBay Store for 90 days
  • Tailor-made brands: 50% discount on each package
  • Ship’s station: Free for 60 days
  • Etsy: $50 ad credit and 50 free ads
  • Geek Squad: Save 15% on 12 months support

Visit the Ownr website for more information and to view the terms of the offer.

Ownr is an RBC Ventures company, which means it is backed by a major Canadian bank. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and uses encryption to protect your account.

Own FAQs

Where can I find a promo code for Ownr? To get the best discounts at Ownr, click here. You will automatically receive a 15% discount on the price of the plan you purchase. How do I get my $300 back from Ownr? If you register your business with Ownr and open a business account with RBC Bank within 60 days, you are eligible for a $300 rebate. What is the difference between Founded and Ownr? Creation of an online platform for companies to help them automate legal tasks. Ownr acquired Founded in 2020, and the two platforms are now integrated. Related reading:


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Ease of use



  • Simple company registration
  • 15% discount
  • Managed Registration
  • Advantages of Ownr
  • Refunds up to 300

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a 100% discount?

Everyone loves a good deal and if you find a good deal on something you want, you’ll probably be all over it. But if you’re like me you’re probably a little skeptical when it comes to buying something because it’s a good deal (and I’m sure you’ll tell me something where I was wrong). That is where I come in. I am a coupon and promo code expert and I have gone through hundreds of coupon codes and promo codes to find the absolute best prices out there. I have been giving these out for free for a long time now, but I now have decided to offer them for a small fee, so you can be sure that you’re getting Today is a big day: You just got a new job, but it comes with a new company card, new policies, and a new line of credit. Don’t worry: you should be able to get everything you need without spending much more than you’re used to. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your new card.

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